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Post Office

The Military Postal Service (MPS) is an extension of the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and operates under an agreement between the Department of Defense (DoD) and the USPS. Al Udeid Air Base Post Office's main mission is to process Official Mail correspondence. Our office also provides limited APO service to assigned personnel deployed or stationed at Al Udeid.

Here at Al Udeid we operate under a Unit Mailroom Concept. The Unit Mailroom (UMR) Concept of mail delivery is normally used during contingencies. Postal Service Center operations are limited or non-existent during contingencies, even at permanent Military Post Offices, due to the limited availability of mail receptacles and the transient nature of deployed personnel and units. Per AFCENT GM2021-36-01 para 1.8.7. Under the UMR concept, APOs will deliver all official, personal, accountable and barcoded mail to Unit Mail Clerks (UMCs) on a PS Form 3883. The UMC will then deliver the mail to the individual member and have them sign the 3883 confirming delivery.


Per CENTCOM Regulation 25-63, 100% open parcel inspections are mandatory. Please bring your package opened to a finance clerk to ensure prohibited items are not shipped.

Care Packages

In accordance with DoDI 4525.09, Military Postal Service Procedures Manual, and AFCENT GM2023-36-01, all personal mail must be addressed to an individual for their personal use. The Military Postal System cannot be used to receive bulk care packages, unsolicited mail, or charitable donations. Organizations and personnel authorized the use of the Military Postal Service will not serve as intermediaries for any person or organization not specifically authorized services. The packages will be returned to the sender, and postal privileges could be revoked.


Al Udeid AB is not a Free Mail location.  You are required to pay for postage at the post office or provide your own stamps.

Check the Status of Your Parcel

Wanting to Volunteer

Payment Methods

  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Eagle Cash
  • (Cash, Checks, Gift Cards, AAFES POGs NOT accepted)

Mailing Address

  • APO AE 09309-#### (Last 4 of Unit Number)
  • USA (If Required)
  • ***Do NOT use Al Udeid AB or Qatar***​

Who is authorized to use the MPS?

The DoD determines who is authorized to use overseas military postal facilities. At Al Udeid these personnel are Active, Guard, Reserve U.S. Military, DoD Civilians, DoD Contract employees, and Foreign Military personnel directly attached to a U.S. Military unit (with a support agreement). Authorized patrons receive their mail through their unit mailroom.

As an Authorized MPS Patron, your responsibilities are

  • ​​​Always have your DoD ID when using the MPS.
  • Inform your correspondents of your APO/deployed mailing address.
  • DO NOT allow unau​thorized members to utilize your MPS privileges.
  • You must not use MPS to MAIL out or RECEIVE items you plan to SELL or use to promote your business.

Customers must go through official mail channels to send out the following:

  • Blood Samples
  • Urine Samples
  • Saliva Samples

There are Consequences!

“Postal Supervisors/Postmasters and clerks are responsible for implementing and enforcing this policy. Military members who violate this policy are subject to administrative, non-judicial or judicial action under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). For civilians and contractors who violate this policy, punitive and/ or disciplinary action could occur in accordance with appropriate service regulations, contract standards of hire, and/or U.S. and/ or host nation law or regulation.“

Mail Classes Offered

*All classes of mail move by air from the theater to the CONUS gateway
LETTER CLASS MAIL--Personal Correspondence, Postcards, Cards and Bills Transit time--averages 7-10 days from the gateway to your base.
FIRST CLASS / PRIORITY--First-class mail weighing 13 ounces or less More than 13 ounces and up to 70 pounds and 108 inches in length and girth combined Transit time--averages 7-10 days from the gateway to your base.
SPACE AVAILABLE MAIL (SAM)--(Moves by air on space-available basis--referred to as SAM): Also called parcel post. Must weigh more than 16 ounces. Cheapest way to send heavy matter Transit time--averages 7-14 days from the gateway to your base. SAM mail from APOs to the CONUS weighing up to 70 pounds and measuring up to 130 inches in length and girth combined is flown from overseas to a CONUS gateway From the gateway, SAM is trucked or delivered by boat to its final destination.

Clearing Packages for Customs

Postal Clerks require members to please bring package(s) to the BPC Post Office unsealed so that an inspection may be performed prior to sealing it.

IAW CCR 25-63:

  • Postal clerks will thoroughly inspect and maintain possession of parcel until the inspected parcel is sealed.
  • Postal clerks must clearly reflect their name and date on all inspected parcels examined prior to applying postage for mailing.

Outbound Restrictions

Military Gear and Equipment
• Flak Vests
• Helmets
• Canteens
• Holsters
• Gas masks/filters
• War trophies
All captured/abandoned enemy material
• Web belts
• Handcuffs
Military Uniforms (OCPs/ACUs) & Physical Training uniforms (tops, bottoms and footwear) are mailable!
Weapons / Weapon Accessories
• Firearms/firearm parts
• Magazines/Clips/Ammo Canisters
• ALL Knives/Swords/Blades/Batons
• Unexploded and exploded ordnance/ammunition
• Replica explosive devices/firearms (grenade lighters/Nerf guns)
• Any items made from shell/grenade castings
Alcohol /Items Containing Alcohol
  • Alcoholic beverages Beer, Wine, etc.
  • Food products containing alcohol
  • Any items containing alcohol Perfumes, cologne, hand sanitizer, body mist (Alcohol Denat)
Tobacco Products

• Used Hookahs/hookah products
• Electronic cigarettes
• Shisha
• Vape liquid
• Cigarettes
• Cigars
• Nicotine
• Smokeless Tobacco.

Aerosol Cans

• Shaving Cream
• Sun Screen
• Deodorant
• Pesticides
• (Any item that is pressurized)


No more than 5 pieces of jewelry in a single parcel. Jewelry includes but is not limited to:





Any personal ornaments that are typically made from or containing jewels and precious metal, gold, silver, etc.



• Any currency

• Vitamins
• Supplements
• Tablets
• Any prescription specifically prescribed to any person or over the counter medication are not permitted.
• Drugs such as anabolic steroids, narcotics, hallucinogenic, stimulants, depressants, Spice, Red X Dawn, and K2. Additional restrictions can be found in USPS Publication 52.
Perishable/Organic Matter
• Pork and pork products
• Live or dead animals/insects
• Fruits and vegetables
• Other perishable food items
• Soil, Plants, plant products
• All natural artifacts capable of carrying disease or insect infestation
Hazardous Materials
• Flammable/combustible liquids, gases, and solids
• Radioactive materials
• Cigarette lighters
• Matches
• Batteries
• Infectious biological substances
• Dry Ice
• Items are combustible during transportation
Technology Devices
• Laptops
• Phones
• iPad
• Cameras
• All parcels with technology devices will fly out via AMC flights.
• Please plan for the parcel to take upwards of 60 days before entering the USPS mail system in the United States.

Inbound Restrictions

USPS Specific Prohibitions
Advertising articles for promoting cigarettes.
· Alcoholic beverages of all kinds.
· Ammunition.
· Cigarettes and tobacco products. (to include e-cigarettes and associated products, i.e. vape accessories and liquids)
· Clothing bearing the name of Allah or verses from the Koran.
· Counterfeit currency.
· Fish and crustaceans, mollusks, and other aquatic invertebrates.
· Inflammable, explosive, or dangerous substances.
· Liquids of any type.
· Live animals.
· Meats and edible offal.
· Military or similar clothing.
· Musical greetings cards.
· Obscene or immoral articles.
· Ordinary items containing coins; banknotes; currency notes or any security payable to the bearer; traveler’s checks; platinum, silver, precious stones, jewels, or any precious articles.
· Perishable infectious biological substances.
· Political printed matter and publications of a subversive nature and prejudicial to national security.
· Pork fat products.
· Radioactive materials.
· Remote-controlled aircraft for children and games of chance.
· Spoiled products which are harmful to health; products unfit for human consumption.
· Weapons or parts of weapons.
Qatar Customs Specific Prohibitions
•Alcoholic beverages
•Any media displaying the female anatomy
•Blue Ice
•Class 7 - Radioactives
•Communications equipment
•Compact discs
•Computer components & parts
•DG Classes 1-explosives in any kind
•Drugs, Prescription and Non-Prescription
•Films: entertainment
•Films: promotional, training
•Herbal Products
•Herbal Tea
•Illegal Drugs
•Industrial equipment
•Israeli Goods
•Laser discs
•Liquor (products and promotional items)
•Pornographic materials
•Pre-paid cards of any kind including satellite receiver cards
•Radar equipment
•Radio equipment
•Radios or parts thereof
•Satellite parts
•Synthetic Marijuana (K2)
•Tapes, audio cassettes
•Tapes, video cassettes
•Telecommunications equipment
•Tobacco promotional items and advertisement material
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  • Unit Mail

    Hours of Operation

    • Daily
      0800 - 1040 & 1200 -1730
      DSN 455-4255

  • Postal Service Center

    Hours of Operation

    • Daily
      0800 - 1800
  • Postal Finance

    Hours of Operation

    • Daily
      0800 - 1800

    *Last open parcel inspection: 1730

    Custodian of Postal Effect (COPE) (DSN:455-4520)
    NCOIC, Postal Finance (DSN: 455-4595)

  • NCOIC, Mail Control Area (DSN: 455-4591)

    • DSN 455-4591