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Lodging is your check-in hub once your boots hit the ground at Al Udeid AB. Whether you are passing through or here for deployment, our Lodging Team will deliver great customer service during your time here.

To reserve rooms please download the instructions and reservation forms at the button below and email them to Lodging at the email address below:
379 EFSS/Lodgingreservations This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

HVAC Advisory 

If the temperature in your room exceeds 78 degrees and is affecting your rest, you can request temporary relocation to the Double Stacks (transient dorms) until the A/C issue is resolved.

To submit a work order and request temporary lodging, please contact

Lodging Customer Service at 455-7665

Lodging Front Desk at 455-5741 / 5060 

EFSS Lodging Management

BPC Dorms Lodging Community Standards

* Violation of lodging policies and instructions, including abuse or damage of government property, will result in Commander’s notification and possible financial responsibility.

All AUAB Lodging Occupants will:

  1. Observe 24/7 quiet hours.
  2. Upon occupancy of room, locator card(s) must be completely filled out and placed in the window. Occupants residing in Quads must utilize 2 locator cards; one placed on their individual room door and one on the window or the exterior door to the common areas.
  3. Occupants are responsible for updating locator card(s) information as necessary. Unit-specific locator cards are authorized; however, all the information must be on the unit’s locator card.
  4. Maintain clean, safe, and sanitary rooms that present a neat, professional, and orderly appearance. Occupants will not leave personal garbage in hallways, day rooms, laundry rooms, common areas, or bathrooms and will dispose of garbage in outside dumpsters. 
  5. Not cohabitate or sleep in any room other than the one to which they are assigned. While guests are allowed, when hosting a guest, occupants are responsible for their guests’ conduct and must respect their roommate’s and/or suitemate’s privacy. All roommates/suitemates must consent prior to hosting a guest in the room, including the common area in the room.
  6. Maintain all furniture assigned in their room. Occupants will notify Lodging Maintenance if there is excess furniture in a room. Occupants will not remove furniture from their assigned room. A standard set up for rooms includes, at a minimum, 2 bed spaces for max surge occupancy and a dresser, armoire, or wall locker.
  7. Refrain from entering or storing items in electrical, mechanical, or communications rooms and will not access the building roof at any time.
  8. Adhere to dress code policy IAW AFI 36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel and United States Air Forces Central Instruction (USAFCENTI), 36-2903 Al Udeid Air Base (AUAB) Supplement, Dress and Appearance for Air Force Personnel while in common areas and walking to and from community bathrooms.
  9. Refrain from facility modifications that may damage walls, doors, or windows, such as affixing shelves, hanging picture frames, flying exterior flags, mounting antennas, or landscaping. Non-permanent adhesive items can be used to secure items.
  10. When covering their respective windows, use materials that present a neat appearance, are easily removable, and do not damage windows.
  11. Allow 379 ECES and 379 EFSS maintenance staff to perform all required facility maintenance in accordance with crew rest and shift worker considerations.
  12. Request room changes after coordinating with their unit First Sergeant/UQR, if necessary. UQR must coordinate with Lodging Management prior to relocation of occupant.


    • Key Accountability is critical for the safety of our members and their roommates/suitemates. Keys are accountable items to lodging facilities. Lost keys must be reported to lodging front desk immediately. Members are responsible for the costs ($25) associated with replacing lost key. For safety purposes, room doors must remain locked and secured after leaving room.

    • All occupants must observe DAF policy prohibiting tobacco use in all lodging facilities as outlined in AFI 48-104 Tobacco Free Living, para 2.10. and 2.10, Force Support Squadron Commander/Director ensures patrons are informed of the Air Force policy prohibiting tobacco use in all Services facilities and all installation recreational facilities.

    • All Occupants must not place or hang clothes hangers from the Fire Suppression system sprinkler in rooms.  The sprinkler will go off and flood the room, and rooms beneath it.  

    Lodging Work Order Request

    For work order request, BPC dorm/double stack residence will notify Lodging Customer Service via email or DSN below to report building discrepancies to be submitted to ECES.

    Work Order Requests: 

    📧 E-MAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    DSN: 455-7665 

    • Customers will provide the following information.

    Point of contact information: First/Last Name/rank, email and DSN telephone number

    Building Information: bldg. number, bay, and room number

    Work order request: Give a detailed description of the building issue. Be as specific as possible. What is the issue, how did it happen. How long has it been going on. Pictures/videos are encouraged. See examples of detail information below:

    *Plumbing: is it clogged, is there water overflowing, is it flooding other areas, is there a constant stream of water, is water coming out of floor drains, is there water outage, is a handle broken to turn off sink/shower faucet/toilet flush, etc. 

    *HVAC: is there an outage, is there air flow, is the air too warm, what is the temperature on your thermometer, can you record the temperature if there’s no thermometer to check, is it just one room, is it all rooms, is it room and bay, etc.

    *Electrical: is there an outage, is it whole building, is it a bay, a floor or just one room, it is an outlet outage, have you checked the breaker box to ensure all the breakers are in the on position, did the fire alarm go off, do you smell an electrical burn, did you plug anything in to cause the outage, etc.

    • Work orders submitted to NexGen – Tririga will generate a work task number that will be provided to the customer within 24 hours. 
    • Follow up for work task can be done via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to lodging customer service, via DSN 455-7665 or via Facility Manager’s Corner (on Single Source of Truth)

    How to check work task updates in Facility Manager’s Corner

    Facility Manager's Corner

    1. Click the following link: Facility Manager's Corner
      (Link is only accessible on NIPR)
    2. Under Facility Manager Documents click on "Facility Manager WT Update Report"
    3. Click on “Edit in Excel” when online excel doc opens.
    4. Click “Always allow” and “Open” in the dialog box. Facility Manager WT Update Report will open in excel.
    5. Click on drop down arrow in WT-ID column and search your work order number/ID (e.g., 14567890), select the work order number, and click ok. Excel spreadsheet will filter work order number.
    6. Check WT-Status (Active), WT Tracking Status, WT Priority (see Figure 1a), Comments, and WT Resolution Description columns for updated information on your work order.
      • The customer will be able to track work tasks using the above steps. No accurate time frame can be provided by Lodging or ECES for when work orders will be completed. Work task spreadsheet will be updated 2 to 3 times within a week.


    Our goal to ensure that your stay is the very best it can be. We aim to ensure that you have the best accommodations, service, and convenience during your time with us. We offer many amenities including:

    • Dayrooms

    • Laundry Facilities 

    • Smoke Free Facilities
    • Internet Access


    The following are prohibited in the dorms:

    • Flushing wipes of any kind down the toilet  

    • Candles / Incense

    • Alcoholic Beverages 

    • Throwing away linen

    • Putting items in storage/common areas

    • Utilizing spare rooms/ common areas as storage space

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    For DV Lodging information, contact Protocol

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Lodging Customer Service

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    Hours of Operation

    • Daily